Call for Posters

Partnership Practices: Working with Community, Industry and Government will  highlight community-university partnerships for research and other purposes from across the university and community at a one-day event to be held at the Quebec Street Mall in the City of Guelph, Ontario.

We invite you to submit posters that discuss how to identify and participate in successful research partnerships and collaborations. Selected projects will identify strategies in partnership skills; have a strong partner, industry or community focus, and will provide clear understanding of the management and outcomes of their work.

Projects by faculty, community, industry or students that provide exemplars of the following partnership practices and outcomes are especially encouraged:

  • How successful partnerships are managed in actual practice
  • New strategies and possible outcomes
  • How to work with the strategic priorities of a partner, and meet academic research goals
  • Experiences and expertise gained regarding the process of Community/University, Industry/University or Government/University  partnerships
  • Governance models in practice
  • Non-traditional partnerships
  • Practices of both local and/or international relationships
  • How to transform knowledge into actionable projects with partners
  • Evaluating the success of a partnership and taking next steps
  • Partnerships for policy development
  • Community and university partnerships with multiple community partners
  • Partnerships focusing on community wellbeing, social sustainability and the arts
  • Working with partners to implement knowledge translation and dissemination activities
  • Exemplars of new strategies and possible outcomes


We are seeking submissions from partnerships across the university, including:

  • OMAFRA/UoG Partnership: Agricultural and rural policy, bioeconomy, emergency management, environmental sustainability, food for health, product development and enhancement through value chains, production systems research
  • Community-University Research Alliances (CURAs), Major Collaborative Research Initiatives (MCRI), and other critical/complex projects that have demonstrated success across multiple colleges
  • Federal government partnerships
  • Agribusiness: food safety, animal & human health, nutrition, bioproducts, rural economies, agriculture & rural policy and environmental sustainability, etc.
  • College of Social and Applied Human Sciences
  • College of Management and Economics
  • College of Arts
  • College of Physical & Engineering Science
  • Ontario Agriculture College
  • Ontario Veterinary College
  • College of Biological Sciences
  • Other Colleges/Schools


Date of Event: Tuesday March 1, 2011 9am-2pm

* Poster template and graduate student assistance will be made available upon request to successful proposals.

University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1